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Learn how to crush your goals in less than 5 days and accomplish what you REALLY want.

Expert and coach at organisations such as:

Emmi Kavander in MassChallenge Switzerland
Emmi Kavander expert in Trustvalley Switzerland
Emmi Kavander expert in Zünder Switzerland
Emmi Kavander expert in ETH Zürich Switzerland

Got what it takes?

Or do these situations sound familiar?

Lack of influence over yourself: Why don't your plans from your mind translate to reality? 

Self-doubt: You are not sure what you want or if you can do what you aim for.

Underwhelming performance: You know you could do better if you could just "flip a switch" in your mind. But where's the switch?

It is not just you!

It is common to feel a disconnect of intent and outcome.

The good news?

There are proven solutions to initiate change to the better.

The solution:

Our coaching gives you tools and frameworks for immediate results.

The right emotions lead to the desired motion.

Coaching & training

Coaching 1-on-1 for business leaders

Become who you are meant to become

Tailored Transformation: Whether it's breaking through limiting beliefs or enhancing performance, our focus is on the bespoke path that aligns with your unique goals. Uncover your deepest motivations and propel you towards your vision.

Training in

Groups, example:

From vision to reality

Personal transformation as the impenetrable factor to your business success: It's far easier to build a million dollar business than becoming the person that can

Featured in


Results & Performance Coaching:
Personal and professional transformation

Unlock your potential by learning to hack your own mind

Our approach doesn’t just change how you think; it changes how you connect with the world. 

Develop confidence and self worth

Overcome mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs that hinder you and your highest self

Unleash personal and professional opportunities by understanding where you want to go

​A holistic transformation that builds your fast track to everything you ever wanted. Become who you are meant to be.

Results & Performance Coaching

Rather than ours, take their word:


"Can't recommend her enough"

"Emmi has a unique ability to challenge you to challenge your own thoughts and beliefs and find a laser focus on what matters. She does so with the authority of someone who has done the work herself and if you are someone with ambition and big goals I can’t recommend her coaching highly enough to help you on your way."

-Aino-Maaria Peltomaa,

Founder & CEO at AMP Consulting

"Constantly overdelivers"

"Emmi is exceptionally talented in mentoring and coaching business founders to reach desired results and beyond. Regardless of whom Emmi works with, she will consistently over-deliver. Anyone reading this - if you have a chance to work with Emmi, you should."

-Laura Lindholm,

Co-Founder AskScandinavia

"A true game-changer"

"Emmi's coaching is a game-changer. Through her insights and guidance, I have repeatedly been able to unlock new levels of potential within myself and my team, which in turn keep driving influential positive change and growth in our whole company. Trust me, her coaching is an investment that pays back exponentially."

-Olli Uuksulainen,

Founder & CEO at Creamailer

Training: Personal transformation as the impenetrable factor to your business success:

It’s easier to build a million-dollar business than becoming the person who can

We explore what successful business owners have in common and uncover the psychological magic behind these things working so that you can build your own unique set of tools that allow you to become the person and entrepreneur you aspire and are meant to be.

Understand and identify the 3 Muscles you need most to get where you want

Experience practical exercises that you can implement into your daily life to hack your performance and own mind

Increase certainty and confidence that you have it in you (we already know you do)

With our guidance, you'll transform from dreaming to achieving your goals! 


Rather than ours, take their word:


"Want to hear more!"

Thank you so much for the workshop! It was really cool to hear more on this topic because i think concrete ways to change your mindset are never really discussed. I’ll definitely be using some of the tools and look forward to hearing other workshops that you have done :)) It was fun!!

- Margaux K.

VC Investor

"Big boost of confidence!"

You really inspired me to continue chasing my dreams, in spite of all the drawbacks I thought I had. Not only did I get a boost of confidence, but also realized I am capable of everything I put my mind to do. Awesome workshop!!

- Bucur B.

ETH Student

"Eye-opening in so many ways!"

The Workshop has been eye opening in many ways - from reflecting on limiting beliefs to getting the tools to change my inner state quickly. From me and my peers at the ETH Entrepreneurclub-thanks for this amazing experience!!!

- Elena Busarac

ETH Zürich

2022 Winner - Influential Business Woman Award
Best Strategic Communications & Content Storyteller:  Emmi Kavander



- Julie Chatterjee, Deputy CEO, SweepBank

A selection of companies that we have had the pleasure of working with, ranging from start-ups to stock-listed ones

NordShield® protection by nature
Nuniq makes beauty that’s good for you and the planet – right here in Switzerland.
Sandermoen growth equity and knowledge investments
Ferratum More than Monet to everyone
TrucksOnTheMap availability forecast and premium digital logistics
Melio health for better prevention and healthier lives - your health measured
Sweepbank a smart bank that will sweep you off your feet
Kikodo AI-powered learning
Kangasniemen Musiikkiviikot
Labs4you Healthier decisions, Anywhere, Anytime
HemaXis dried blood spot sampling and analysis
Twelwe house of impact
Natus AG Impact investments
Empowering triple bottom line growth of landbased aquaculture for profitability, sustainability and community impact. Our goals are to create sustainable change for farmers globally
Improve your mental strength & resilience with personalized neuro-nutrients from foods available in most grocery stores.
Making chicken without the bird
Simplify Your Smartphone with CeniorPhone
Multitude is a fintech pioneer and digital finance provider
PRESERVING HIGH-VALUE POLYMERS FOR THE INDUSTRY.  Let's talkRheiazymes - prorprietary Molecular Bio Recycling Technology to preserve high-value polymers for the industry. Molecular Bio Recycling - inspired by nature, enhanced with biotechnology.
Noodles by nature
Helping People Everyday To Manage Their Health From counseling, doctor consults, diagnostic tests at best labs, prescriptions, medicines, to preventive care & rehab - we provide the full spectrum of care.
Outlander materials
Aerial View of Junction

Emmi Kavander

After surviving a near-fatal accident, Emmi found her calling in taking high-potential entrepreneurs to the next level.


As an Executive Coach and entrepreneur herself, she brings solid experience and expertise from years of strategy, strategic communications, and cognitive psychology to the table, as well as her insights from business, e.g., on the Leadership Team heading Communications and Investor Relations at an international stock-listed FinTech. 


Emmi's commitment to innovation and leadership is also evident through her investments in early-stage companies and her active involvement on several Boards and in the startup ecosystem as a mentor, coach, and judge to already hundreds of startups through programs like MassChallenge, University of Zürich, ETH Zürich, Zünder, and TrustValley.


Originating from Finland and based in Switzerland, Emmi has studied psychology and NLP to deepen her understanding of communication and influence. She also has an MBA from the University of London and is an alumna of IMD Business School.


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