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Looking for funding in EdTech? We gathered 9 VCs to reach out to

The demand for new e-learning platforms and solutions has risen immensely in the past few years due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and has shifted towards a more virtual version of learning and advances in technology. This has caused a sudden boom for looking for potential VCs to invest in their latest idea.

Two noteworthy examples are Kikodo, a disruptive EdTech that turns STEM+ (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subject content into a next-gen learning experience. Kikodo gives learners a tutor-like experience through AI-powered instant feedback on their answers. Another great example is Zen Educate, an app for freelancing teachers to find work.

With all that is going on, it is no surprise that the e-learning sector is expected to be worth 605.40 billion dollars by 2027! This means a growth rate of ​​612.2% over the next five years.

Are you looking for VCs that might be interested in investing in your EdTech Company? We gathered you good ones.

Brighteye Ventures

Brighteye Ventures is a leading venture capital fund in Europe that takes advantage of their extensive network and experience that they have gained throughout their lifetime. They mainly invest in Seed and Series A stages. Not only does Brighteye aid portfolio companies in building connections, but they also help their clients scale their businesses across geographies.

Brighteye Ventures also provides a more intimate form of answering questions, where you can have a 20-minute session to ask any questions you may have (this is only intended for Pre-Seed and Seed EdTech founders) and places are limited to 5 per month.

Created in 2017, Sparkmind is a Finnish VC firm focused on investing in EdTech. Naturally, they are interested in investing and transforming the learning sector from the early stages of learning to vocational education and even corporate learning. For the most part, Sparkmind invests in EdTech companies based in Europe but is willing to invest in companies outside the region if the opportunity seems promising. The VC firm invests in Seed-stage companies to companies in their international growth phase with single investments of up to 5 million euros.

Emerge Education

Emerge Education is an England-based VC firm specializing in investing in EdTech companies in their Pre-Seed and Seed stages.

Their main goal is to get their portfolio companies to Series A within 12-18 months of their initial investment. Emerge generally invests in companies based in Europe but occasionally invests in companies outside the region. The typical investment ticket is £300-500k, but they can go up to £1 million.

Venture Kick

Founded in 2007, Venture Kick is a Swiss VC firm that also offers a "kicking" which is essentially a 9-month process in which the firm guides and helps on their journey from the barebones science to market. The firm has hundreds of companies in its portfolio and has helped over 800 get started! The investment by Venture Kick is granted in three stages. First, you receive 10 00 CHF (~ 10000 EUR as a non-repayable grant), in the second stage, you receive 40000 CHF (~ 40000 EUR), and in the final stage, you receive 100000 CHF

Owl Ventures

Owl Ventures is a VC firm focused on the EdTech market and has over $1.3 billion in assets under management. The firm was built to connect and partner with leading education companies to aid them in growing to their maximum potential. Owl Ventures has invested in 30 EdTech companies that range across the education spectrum and invests at all stages (from early, growth, and even later stages). The firm is based in Silicon Valley but funds companies worldwide, no matter their geographical location.

NewSchools Venture Fund

NewSchools Venture Fund is a firm based in the United States and is dedicated to helping create innovative public schools, leveling the playing field by giving everyone a chance they deserve. The east coast based venture firm believes in financial sustainability and hopes to create long-lasting positive investments. Since 2015 they have produced 56 thousand seats at full enrollment, had 26 million students using new EdTech tools, and made 26 thousand diverse leaders that lead 27 million students.

VC Antler

VC Antler is a firm based in Sweden that embraces its very diverse portfolio as it represents companies from 30 different sectors in which they have invested over $1 billion. VC Antler invests in early-stage companies but has recently gained the ability to invest in up to series-c as they want to watch their investments grow and flourish.

Felicis Ventures

Founded in 2005, Felicis Ventures is a United States-based firm with over 45 portfolio companies (valued over $1B). The firm invests from Seed stages to Series F, so no stage is missed! Since 2006, they have captured over $220 billion in total market value. They have quite a track record with $90 billion in exit market cap and 95 exits! Felicis invests in companies worldwide and already has a presence in 14+ different countries so far.


PointOne is an Indian VC that focuses on pre-seed and seed-stage startups but also invests in the Angel round and micro-VC round. So far, they have invested in 25+ and are willing to either lead or co-invest. Ticket sizes are generally somewhere around $100k.

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