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Kavanders & Co. makes start-up, scale-up fly at an early-stage

About us

We make businesses fly!

Building & funding success stories

Kavanders GmbH, branded as Kavanders & Co., is a venture development business, headquartered in Switzerland. We work with a small core team combined with an international network of partners. 

Kavanders & Co. brings impact innovations to the market

Our approach to

Bringing impact innovation to the market

We don't do passive. Whether it is consulting or investing, we will walk the talk with you. 

Bringing a business to the market means sailing rough seas. But, when everyone works together as a team, smoother sailing will be at the horizon.

We support companies to ensure a solid foundation, commercialise their offering and grow it, tell the story to the market, and when needed, have the strongest standing for fundraising.

Our vision & mission

For the best tomorrow

Kavanders & Co. was born out of the desire of the founders to give back to people and our planet. This we do by ensuring that ideas of positive impact don’t get lost in the noise of the big players and that the state-of-the-art solutions on the market get challenged for even better ones.

Every day we wake up to ensure that we leave this planet the best possible place for all life on it. Our mission of “making your impact case successful” and “changing the world - for good” is driven by the passion for making this world the best possible place for the future of all children. 

Kavanders & Co. for the best tomorrow
Kavanders & Co. offers early-stage, pre-seed start-ups and scale-ups impact consulting and funding

Unlocking opportunities from three sides


Relevant, usable, and relatable content for building a business.


Hands-on support in communications, strategy and business development.


Funding for early-stage start-ups and support for investor readiness.

Meet the founders

Henrik Kavander, Co-founder at Kavanders & Co.

Henrik Kavander

Co-founder & Chairman

  • Henrik Kavander

His passion is cases related to financial, health and educational inclusion.

Emmi Kavander, Co-Founder at Kavanders & Co.

Emmi Kavander

Co-founder & CEO

  • Emmi Kavander

Her heart beats especially for the environment and for supporting unprivileged girls in developing countries.

Meet the founders

The story behind Kavanders &  Co.

The story of Kavanders began when Co-Founder Emmi Kavander had a severe traffic accident. According to the doctors, it was against all odds that she survived with her injuries. When she did and even learned to walk again, the thought of making this second chance at life count was awoken. But neither she nor her husband and Co-Founder Henrik Kavander had yet the courage to step away from climbing steep corporate ladders fast and leaping into entrepreneurship.


Fast forward a few years, and Emmi and Henrik found out that they were expecting a child. This surprising news gave them the push they needed, and together they vowed to give their best to make this world the best possible place for the future of all children. Two months after their daughter Edith was born, so was Kavanders GmbH.


Our world carries a great deal of innovation that can positively impact our environment and society. These innovations are born from deep technical knowledge and passion. They can be solutions to critical issues that the general population is unaware of but which significantly impact their lives or bring new added value for our planet and the life on it.


What these companies often miss, however, is business, communications, and fundraising experience, thus making it hard for them to reach the market and get the funding they need to make their impact.


We offer world-changing entrepreneurs flexible support on strategy, communications, marketing, and business development so that positive impact innovation has better and faster chances to get off the launchpad. Being able to do so includes investor relations and building a compelling investment case to raise funds needed to get onto the market and getting a foothold in it. Helping entrepreneurs with all this is our core and backed by our own experience across industries and stages of companies, from start-ups to listed ones.


We tend to lose ourselves in cases that we fall in love with, those cases that really can make a difference. You will never just receive a deck of slides from us. Instead, we want to feel the pulse of your business and, together with you, actively contribute to the strong heartbeat of it. Naturally, if you do need those slides, we will ensure they knock you off your socks. We have a secret that allows us to do that: We listen to you - carefully.


The worst we can do is to be consultants. The best we can do is to be your business partner. Our passion for impact and driving opportunities is what sets us apart from the rest. This passion is what we want to share with you and that we, together with our team, will bring into your business energy, experience, and skills that catapult your business onto the next level.

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