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Pitch deck feedback & investor matching service.

We help you to identify blind spots in your pitch deck and can match you with relevant investors in our curated network. 

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Investors flip through hundreds of pitches every week, just like one does TV channels - but only a few make them pause.

We ensure the first impression of your pitch deck is a powerful one.

What is included?

Evaluation & Scoring

Expert feedback

Find out how your pitch scores against a model developed together with reputable investors

Receive a straight forward feedback report to learn your strengths and weaknesses

Fast delivery

Investor matching

We understand that speed of delivery is key and we deliver the feedback report in 5 working days or in 48 hours depending on your choice

Have the chance of being promoted to selected investors we scout for

Price: starting at 195CHF

Need something extra?




One-on-one sparring sessions on the pitch deck, strategy, Go-to-Market and investment case

Training and coaching to make you ready for the spotlight

Of your deck to give a fresh new look and feel and stand out in the crowd. 

CheckMyDeck - Our checks

Running out of money is one of the main reasons why start-ups fail.

Typically because of poor strategy, flawed business model or not being well equipped for fundraising. We make you ready for the spotlight

Pitch deck report

Evaluation & Scoring

We will score your pitch deck based on real investor criteria. 

Expert feedback

Based on your score we will highlight the strengths and areas that are in need of improvement.

Pitch deck screening


Your deck can be promoted without changes


Your deck needs some changes before being promoted


Your decks needs major changes before being promoted

Investor promotion

Pitch deck & investor matching

We will promote you and your pitch deck to relevant investors in our network, if you agree.

Your CheckMyDeck.™ experience







The check and place it in the cart


Pay for the check by debit/credit card or online bank transfer


Your pitch deck for scoring and written feedback


Your pitch deck based on received feedback report

Get matched

Against relevant investors in our network

Fast & Efficient

High ROI

Transparent pricing

Did you know?

38% of all start-up fails because they run out of money.

The underlying reasons are typically because poor strategy, flawed business model, lack of Go-to-Market strategy and not being well equipped for fundraising.


We help you top-tune your pitch deck and improve the odds for raising funds.

"How to get to investors?"

"Have I thought of everything?"

"I really want to make a great first impression!"


Read our FAQs

You can read our complete terms of service here.

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CheckMyDeck FAQ

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