Looking for funding in MedTech and HealthTech? We gathered 11 VCs to reach out to

Healthcare technology itself is becoming utilized more as time goes by. While we are making giant steps in progress, we still need unique ideas to ease hospital systems, treat people with diseases, and provide patients with better and more efficient services. This means that there is always room for more improvement in this space as we discover more about the medical world. So it is no surprise that the European medical technology market is worth over €140 Billion in 2021, and investment in health tech continues to rise.

Curious about VCs that might be interested in investing in your MedTech or HealthTech company?


SOSV is a multi-stage investment provider that helps scale its clients to their maximum potential. Founded in 1995, they have over 1000+ companies in their portfolio and invest in 150 startups every year. With their headquarters located in New Jersey, they also have offices in New York, San Francisco, Shenzhen, Taipei, Tokyo, Xi'An, Cork and London.

2. Almi Invest

Almi Invest is the most active early-stage startup investor in Sweden, which aims to help grow their clients' business as best as possible. This company makes about 200 new and follow-up investments annually, with the minimum investment size being 1 million SEK (~ 100K EUR) up to 10 million SEK (1M EUR). The main requirements are that the startup is less than seven years old, based in Sweden, and has a scalable business model.

3. Venture Kick

Founded in 2007, Venture Kick is a Swiss VC firm that also offers a "kicking" which is essentially a 9-month process in which the firm guides and helps startups on their journey from the barebones science to market. The firm has hundreds of companies in its portfolio and has helped over 800 startups get started! The investment by Venture Kick is granted in three stages. First, you receive 10000 CHF (~ 10000 EUR as a non-repayable grant), in the second stage, you receive 40000 CHF (~ 40000 EUR), and in the final stage, you receive 100000 CHF (funding received in the second and third stages are convertible loans.). In addition to this, winners of the third stage can get the opportunity to receive 850000 CHF through the Kick Fund.

4. Verve Ventures

This VC focuses on European startups and invests in around 20 startups annually. They invest up to 5 million euros per ticket and invest about 50 million euros per year. Verve Ventures has offices all over Europe in locations such as Zurich, Berlin, Cambridge, Paris, and even Lausanne. Their team consists of over 40 professionals in biotechnology, theoretical physics, computer science, biomedical engineering, corporate law, finance, medieval history, and journalism.

5., Lifeline Ventures

Lifeline Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Helsinki, Finland that invests in companies in their seed, angel, and series A-stages. Throughout the years, they have invested in over 100 companies. Investment ticket sizes vary from as little as 200 thousand euros to up to 2 million euros.

6. Gilde Healthcare

Gilde Healthcare provides private equity and venture capital services and is mainly interested in HealthTech startups based in Europe. They are also headquartered there (but also have a local office in Massachusetts. They have a portfolio of 50+ MedTech companies. This firm focuses mainly on startups in the early revenue stage or clinical setting and is willing to invest up to €50 million per portfolio company in equity investments.

7. Eurazeo

Eurazeo is a French venture capital firm with 11 offices worldwide (New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Shanghai, etc.) and 27 Billion euros under management in 2021. The firm consists of over 300 professionals who offer expertise in different sectors to aid clients in private equity, private debt, and real asset cases.

8. Seroba