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5 Simple Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Do you struggle with reaching your goals?

Simple ways to stay focused on your goals

One thing that makes goals so difficult is staying focused enough to keep working towards them. Many of us blame distractions such as work, family, or technology and say that’s why we have difficulty reaching our goals, but there is more to it.

A study at the University of Hertfordshire revealed that one in two people make a New Years resolution that includes a meaningful goal, but only around 12% actually achieve their goal.

While these may be a bit depressing statistics, the good news is that there are a few simple actions that you can take to help you stay focused and make significant progress.

Next time you’re feeling distracted, do this:

1. Narrow your list. Instead of trying to focus on too many goals, narrow it down to 1-5 bigger goals that you hope to achieve within a set timeframe. This ensures that you are not spreading yourself too thin and, as a result, losing your motivation. You can find a practical exercise for creating that top 5 list here.

2. Break down each of your goals into milestones. You’ll feel less overwhelmed when you break up a large goal into smaller steps, each with specific, achievable tasks. Now you can also have some pretty intimidating goals, but when you set your milestones realistically enough, you will be crushing it on your way there. As you accomplish each step, maintain your momentum and enthusiasm for achieving your goal by celebrating your success.

3. Nurture relationships with friends who will hold you accountable for your progress.

Find one or more friends with whom you can share your experiences as you work towards your goal. Ideally, this person will be someone who can encourage you when obstacles arise and celebrate your successes with you along the way. Maybe even someone who has gone through something that you now want to. When you have a goal buddy, you’re "no longer your own" in your journey. You’re less likely to allow yourself to lose focus and become distracted when you have someone encouraging you.

4. Document your process and progress. Start a journal and write about your experience as you pursue your goal. Writing down your thoughts is a great way to maintain your motivation. Also, write your worries into that document and read through it some weeks later. You will notice that many things you worry about today are very soon quite minor, and they will always have sorted themselves one way or the other.

5. Create a physical or virtual vision board. Your vision board is a great reminder of why you created a particular goal in the first place. Take a poster board, bulletin board, or electronic platform and fill it with pictures, words, or drawings that help you visualise yourself in that future and maintain your enthusiasm and focus. It effectively aligns your subconscious mind with your plan to reach your goal - you want your brain to work with you to achieve your goals!

If you do these actions, you are already doing more than most people are, and with that, you are ahead of most. Remember, though, that even if you slip occasionally, it’s all about getting back on the saddle as fast as possible.

The more you do it, the less you fall.


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