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Kavanders GmbH branded to Kavanders & Co., and founders to swap roles

Hergiswil, 05 October 2021.

To reflect the evolution and expansion of its business, Kavanders GmbH is now known as Kavanders & Co. In addition to the new brand name, the two Co-Founders have swapped official roles as Chairman and CEO.

The Kavanders GmbH has been operating under its legal name since its formation in 2019. Since then, the business has grown from its two Co-Founders, Henrik and Emmi Kavander, into an international team and network of communications and marketing, business development, and strategy professionals. Kavanders GmbH established a new marketing name to reflect the evolution and current business model: Kavanders & Co.

Since the company's formation, Henrik Kavander has been the CEO, and Emmi Kavander has held the position of Chairman. With the growing business and team, the two Co-Founders are swapping roles to support the business grow further, and at the same time, to better support their customers. Henrik Kavander transitions into a more strategic role as Chairman with a focus on partnership building. Emmi Kavander takes the operational lead as CEO.

"We are excited about the team and network of partners that we have built already. These collaborations allow us to expedite our growth and service offering rapidly further. Kavanders & Co. as a name reflects our partnership model and our appreciation for the people that work with us - it is not just about us two founders anymore. Through her experience and leadership skills, Emmi is naturally positioned to orchestrate our operations as we continue to grow."

- Henrik Kavander, Chairman of Kavanders & Co.

"Our business operations have grown at a high pace, and Henrik's proven track record in building global, strategic partnerships makes this a natural evolution in our business. In this role, he is also able to, when needed, take bigger roles in the organizations of our clients to prove our hands-on approach and help. It is a win-win situation for all parties."

- Emmi Kavander, CEO of Kavanders & Co

About Kavanders & Co.

Kavanders GmbH, branded as Kavanders & Co., is headquartered in Switzerland and provides services and content in communications and marketing, business development, and strategy through a core team combined with an international network of partners. With a mission of making positive impact businesses successful, the offering supports small and medium-sized companies to evolve, as well as entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become such to get off the launchpad.


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