#BuyNothingDay - an international day against consumerism

Saturday the 27th - the day after Black Friday, is Buy Nothing Day - is an international day against consumerism, the one day of the year to refrain oneself from shopping or buying anything for 24 hours. Read our blog text for our tips + spot-on startup companies for inspiration that you can apply to your life on this day - and on all days.

  1. Instead of buying: RENT

Renting clothes, for example, comes with many advantages: Renting clothes for events will save you a lot of closet space, you minimize your carbon footprint, and you will save money. Clothing rental services are an excellent solution for supplementing your wardrobe or handy when shopping for a special occasion.

We have recently had an eye on these companies fashion rental services:

Rent Routine (Sweden)

Rent À Porter.ch (Switzerland)

WeDress Collective (Germany)

The Atelje (Finland)

The Black Tux (rental service for tuxedos and suits, US)

But it's not just clothes you can rent - these days you can rent pretty much anything! So think twice before buying.

Here is a list of a few incredibly fast-growing rental startups:

Virtuo is a French company that offers car-on-demand services.

Grover is a Berlin-based firm that allows individuals to subscribe to electronic items on a monthly basis rather than purchasing them outright.

Furlenco is a monthly furniture rental subscription service for users to rent furniture on a monthly basis.

Bipi is a Spanish automobile subscription service that offers customers a hassle-free alternative to owning a car.

RentoMojo is an online rental marketplace that offers monthly rentals for furniture, appliances, and gadgets (mobile phones, laptops).

Cluno is an online automobile rental subscription service that offers rental cars without any obligations.

2. Instead of spending: FIX and MEND.

Take look at what you already own. Do you need to buy something new, or could you repurpose or reuse it? Or fix it?

Vaatelaastari is a product for textiles that makes it easy to patch holes, remove stains and decorate clothing and accessories.

Want to learn to do the mending on your own? Follow Arkivé Atelier; they will show you how to take care of it. Arkivé Atelier is a content platform and online store focused on maintaining clothing, shoes and accessories.

3. Instead of buying new. BUY from RESALE startups.

As consumers are getting used to buying preloved and reused, the race is on for startups to crack the code on resale. Brands and service providers alike are looking to tap into the market's scale and speed — projected to be worth $77 billion in the next five years and growing 11 times faster than traditional clothing retail.

Check out this list for resale startups we have been following: