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For wind beneath your wings

Our investment philosophy & strategy

Early-stage investments to make your business grow

We are active, early-stage investors, mainly in the pre-seed and potentially also pre-revenue stages. We invest in passionate founders that have a clear vision for their business, understand their industry, and are creating a positive impact on our world. As with everything we do, we have a hands-on approach and will want to actively support your venture towards success.

KaVentures invests in early-stage impact businesses, pre-seed


KaVentures invests in passionate start-up, early-stage founders


KaVentures by Kavanders & Co. invests in early-stage, pre-seed start-ups making an impact


Investment philosophy
KaVentures early-stage, pre-seed funding to grow your business
We come in early, angel investments, pre-seed investments


With you all the way

Laying the foundation of a business is key, and will include a lot of unknowns, ups, and downs. You will want someone by your side that has been around the block a few times, and you will need someone by your side that is just as driven for your success as you are. We will walk the talk with you.

KaVentures invests in passionate founders


1 + 1 = ∞

We don't make passive investments, and we don't make a lot of investments, either. We only invest in cases that have strong potential, create a positive impact on our world, have outstanding founders that we see us having great fun with, and where we see that we actually can bring value beyond money to the table for you. We believe that this is the recipe for rock n roll on our journey together.  

KaVentures early-stage investments to create impact
KaVentures pre-seed, early-stage investments for a better future
KaVentures by Kavanders & Co. invests in early-stage, pre-seed start-ups making an impact


Creating the best tomorrow

Why work for a better tomorrow if you can work for the best one?  Whether through educational inclusion with EdTech, BioTech with green chemistry, HealthTech or MedTech, waste handling, or new materials such as plastic alternatives - we want to see the positive impact. We want to invest in businesses that will make us wake up the following day feeling that we are contributing to a greater good and a brighter future for the next generations.

KaVentures impact investments in HealthTech, EduTech and FinTech

Industries we have so far invested into

To create significant impact

HealthTech and MedTech

Healthcare should not be a privilege, but accessible to everyone.


Educational inclusion is key to facilitate equality and provide opportunities. 

We are open to other fields, too

We invest in scalable businesses that solve global issues or provide next-level added value to the planet and life on it. 


Access to finance changes lives, creates jobs, and provides income for families. 

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