KavAdvice builds early-stage, pre-seed, start-ups and scale-ups for highest impact


The grey eminence.

Our job is to make you shine

We pave the way and set the scene for you

Building and running a business means a lot of moving parts, fast-changing requirements, and needs. We work behind the scenes as the grey eminence for you and your business, allowing you to focus on your main tasks, and keep all the credit and spotlight.

KavAdvice builds early-stage, pre-seed, start-ups and scale-ups with passion and impact

We help you take it from passion to business

The best business ideas are born out of passion.


But, to make these actual businesses, requires much more -

this is where we come in for you.

KavAdvice helps your business with traction and sales
KavAdvice helps your business with impact stories and to build awareness
KavAdvice helps your business to become investor ready


Story & awareness

Traction & sales

KavAdvice brings impact businesses to the next level
KavAdvice business development

Business development for traction & sales

The make or break of your business

Any technology or innovation is only worth something if you can bring it to the market and create traction. Making that happen requires defining a clear direction, plan, and strong execution together as a team toward a common goal. Together with our team, we help you deliver your unique value proposition.


We will build go-to-market strategies and help you execute them for success.

KavAdvice adds a wow factor to your impact case

Communications & branding that create awareness

Building stories that "wow", and are remembered

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you are doing it. We form insights into messages that drive desired actions, such as sales or financing for you through strategic storytelling. 

In addition to strategic communication, we help you in, e.g., building a brand, a social media presence or enhance it, build and execute marketing strategies and plans, create a new website, and write press releases that create interest.

KavAdvice for next level communication and branding
KavAdvice for building the strongest investment case
KavAdvice makes your investor ready

Investor readiness to drive fundraising

Building the strongest you

First impressions last, so we help dress you and your business for success. We will work on your pitch deck with you, train and spar with you on presenting it.

Statistically, only 0.05% of start-ups ever get VC capital. If you count in angel investors, you might get up to 6% that ever get funded. You are up against disruptive innovation, strong teams, and great presenters. Fundraising is not a walk in the park.


We make sure that your storyline is the strongest it can be and help you write and present a compelling investment case.

Collaborate with KavAdvice by Kavanders & Co. for highest impact

Examples of collaboration

You will never face challenges alone

Business advisory

You have a certain project or situation in mind that needs insight and direction? We walk the talk with you.


Lacking a certain skill set and want to get going quickly? Or maybe you want to drive change from within? We walk the talk with you.

Mentoring & Coaching

Do you need a sounding board or mentor? Someone to be by your side as your support and to give you guidance? We walk the talk with you.

Board of Directors

You need someone to help your business with the big picture and keeping the eye on the ball? Someone to open some doors for you? We walk the talk with you.